Our Vision

Knowing the earth more precisely

Our Slogan

Best technology
New product and service
A change in mindset – driving force of development


  • 2006

    Our company was established in 2006

About Us

Social responsibility

 The company is accredited on QMS ISO9001:2015 by HongKong Veritas company
since 23rd Jan, 2017.
 “The best tax payer” by Taxation authority in 2009
 “The best tax payer” by Taxation authority in 2011
 “The best social insurance payer” by Social insurance authority in 2012
 “The best tax payer” by Taxation authority in 2021


In total, 18 full time employee experienced for 4-32 years,
including 1 consulting engineer,
2 professional engineer,
9 surveyors,
5 technicians, and 1 IT engineer.


 Trimble TBC 5.51 for post processing software of GPS network surveying
 Trimble UASMASTER 11.0 for post processing aerial & satellite images.
 PCI Geomatics processing software for aerial and satellite images.
 TOPCON PINNACLE post processing software for GPS network survey
 ESRI , ERDAS Imagine 2014 for satellite image processing
 AutoCad, AutoCad Map, AutoDesk Land Development softwares for various
scale topographic map processing.
 ArcGIS v.10.6 for digital mapping and database
 TX mapper application based on AutoCad, ArcGIS for topographic mapping
and database.