Executed projects

Geodetic surveying and mapping along the new railway “Zuunbayan-Khangi” including GNSS network establishment, 3rd order leveling, and 1:1000 scale topographic map /260 км, 2021 /

Geodetic monitoring surveying and mapping during construction work of new railway “Zuunbayan-Khangi“ /100 км, 2022/

Upgrade Ulaanbaatar city Road network database and its tool /2018-2019/

Geodetic monitoring surveying and mapping during construction work of new railway Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan route of 416.16 км /100 км, 7 team, 2020 /

Geodetic surveying and mapping of underground utilities in Dalanzadgad soum and development of its Database /2021/

Resurvey and adjustment of National Reference network and establishment of 1 Gravimetric station in Orkhon aimag /192 km 2nd order leveling , 121 GPS station resurvey, 2019/

Land cadastre database update, survey, and to create e-file of parcels, and to maintain topology error, and to reporting on current status of each parcels

/ in 3 districts of Nalaikh, Chingeltei, and Songinokhairkhan.2018-2020/

Topographic survey at 1: 1000 scale using UAV technology, establishing Positional Reference Network by GNSS, and 3rd order leveling along new railway alignment in Bogd uul site in Ulaanbaatar /2017/

Topographic survey at 1:1000 scale using UAV technology, underground utility detection surveying and mapping, and expanding and updating horizontal-vertical geodetic reference network , and 2nd order leveling at the Oyutolgoi camp site, in
Umnogobi aimag /2017/

Geodetic survey along Tavantolgoi-Gashuun sukhait international cross enter new road route /GPS positional network, 4th order leveling and topographic mapping 1:1000 scale, 240 km length and 100 m corridor by UAV technology, 2019/

Topographic mapping at 1:1000 sacle. /13 soums of Sukhbaatar aimag, and 4 soums of Bulgan aimag 2014-2016 using UAV technology/

Land cadastre database editing, creating parcel ID file. /13 soums of Sukhbaatar aimag, and 4 soums of Bulgan aimag 2014-2016/

4th order leveling on the 450km route for “Altanbulag-Ulaanbaatar-Zamiin uud” expressway project /subcontractor of Geomaster LLC, 2014/

“Khashaa plot privatization and registration” supported by MCA, Property Right Project /Uliastai, Zuunmod, and Songinokhairkhan, Chingeltei, Bayanzurkh districts of UB city,

Underground utility survey and mapping of UB city and create their database /2013-2016/

Topographic surveying and mapping at 1:1000 scale for land privatization at new area /2013-2015, using UAV technology/

Digital mapping and surveying along fiber glass cable (2000 km)

Cadastral survey and land registration supported by Mongolian government agency “Administration of Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartography” / ADB /

• Cadastral survey with 1:1000 scale in Erdenet city / 5100 ha area, 6000 parcels, 2007/.
• Cadastral survey with 1:1000 scale in 14 soums of Hentii and Gobisumber aimags. /76878 ha area, 4300 parcels, 2008/.
• Cadastral survey with 1:1000 scale in 20 soums of Zavhan, Uvs and Khovd aimags /110 000 ha area, 10000 parcels, 2009/

GPS ground control network establsihment, observation, and post processing, and digital topographic surveying and mapping at 1 :1000 scale along new railway alignment of Tavan tolgoi- uunbayan, Sainshand –Baruun urt-Choibalsan / 15040 ha, 2011 /

Digital topographic mapping at 1: 1000 scale and profiling and cross sections along Nalaikh-Choir-Zamiin uud, Darkhan-Erdenet, Erdene-Undurkhaan,Ulaanbaatar- Altanbulag, Tsetserleg-Tosontsengel road, Tavan Tolgoi-Oyu Tolgoi road (funded by ADB, World bank, Jica, Kuweit fund)

“Second check of Mongolian-Chinese International boundary by both side together Along the Mongolian-Chinese International boundary, covered on 46 800 sq.km including aerial photography, GPS network establishment, observation and post processing along the boundary, digital topographic mapping with 1: 10000 and 1:50
000, DEM, preparation for press printing.

Settlement measurement of Shangri-La complex in Ulaanbaatar

Digital mapping at 1:25000 scale for new International Aerport of Ulaanbaatar in Hushugiin hundii (2826 sq.km area)

Conservation of the Great Gobi and its umbrella species project UNDP Edryn ridge Conversion of 1:100 000 scale topographic maps into Digital, Create attribute database of winter shelters, wells, DEM, analyzes of vegetation dynamics and land degradation using chronical data and satellite imagery in Dornod aimag, Conservations of Eastern-Mongolia and natural resources area ( 1:50000 and 1:25 000 scale topographic maps into digital format) /UNDP/

Digital topographic and underground engineering utility mapping at 1:25000 and 1:500 scale, and high accuracy leveling and profiling of Runway of “Buyant-Ukhaa” International Aerport and Kharkhorin aerport respectively.